Lectures, Paper Presentations, and Project Presentations

Aug 21Intro: HRI + Course OverviewAug 23Finding and Reading PapersAug 25Probability Distributions
Aug 28Bayesian InferenceAug 30Bayesian NetworksSep 01Markov Models + Hidden Markov Models
Sep 04Labor DaySep 06Filtering ISep 08Filtering II
Sep 11Intention Recognition ISep 13Filtering ClinicSep 15Decision-Making and MDPs
Sep 18Social Navigation ISep 20Value IterationSep 22Policy Iteration
Sep 25Intention Recognition IISep 27ROS/MDP ClinicSep 29ROS/MDP Clinic
Oct 02Social Navigation IIOct 04RL: Monte CarloOct 06RL: TD / SARSA
Oct-09Fall BreakOct 11RL: Q-LearningOct 13RL: Bootsrapping
Oct 16LegibilityOct 18RL ClinicOct 20RL Clinic
Oct 23CollaborationOct 25RL: Approximation IOct 27RL: Approximation II
Oct 30Final Project ProposalsNov 01RL: SummaryNov 03Experiment Design
Nov 06GesturesNov 08Measures and MetricsNov 10Planning and Running Experiments
Nov 13GazeNov 15Final Project ClinicNov 17Final Project Clinic
Nov 20Learning from DemonstrationNov 22Thanksgiving BreakNov 24Thanksgiving Break
Nov 27Final Project PresentationsNov 29Final Project PresentationsDec 01Final Project Presentations
Dec 04Final Project Presentations