Lectures and Paper Presentations

Cornell UTexas TOPIC
Aug-22 Aug-31 Intro:  HRI + Course Overview
Aug-24 Sept-5 Probability Recap
Aug-29 Sept-5 Bayes Nets
Sept-7 Markov Models + HMMs
Aug-31 Sept-12 Intention Recognition
Sep-5 Sep-14 Intentional and Legible Motion
Sep-7 Markov Models + HMMs
Sep-12 Sep-19 Kalman Filters + Particle Filters
Sep-14 Sep-21 Social Navigation
Sep-19 Sep-26 NVB: Gestures
Sep-21 Sep-28 NVB: Gaze
Sep-26 Oct-3 MDP + POMDP
Sep-28 Oct-5 Human-Robot Collaboration
Oct-3 Oct-10 Handovers
Oct-5 Oct-12 Multimodal Dialog
Oct-12 Clustering + Supervised Learning
Oct-17 Reinforcement Learning
Oct-17 Guest Lecture: Elaine Short “Socially Assistive Robots”
Oct-19 Supervised Learning / Reinforcement Learning
Oct-19 Oct-24 Learning from Demonstration
Oct-24 Oct-26 Socially Guided Robot Learning
Oct-26  Project Proposals

ROS Tutorial Submissions

Cornell UTexas Assignment
Sep-8 Sep-15 ROS 1 – Intoxicated Turtle
Sep-29 Sep-29 ROS 2 – Social Navigation
Oct-13 Oct-13 ROS 3 – Speech Control


Oct-31 (Cornell) Oct-31 (UT): Midterm / Prelim  (ºoº)

Lectures and Project Presentations

Cornell UTexas TOPIC
Nov-2 Nov-2 Experimental Design
Nov-7 Paper presentations
Nov-9 Human subject studies, Peter Pilere, IRB
Nov-7 Nov-14 Measurements + Metrics
Nov-9 Project Design + Metrics
Nov-14 Nov-16 Statistics + Descriptives
Nov-28 Paper presentations
Nov-16 Nov-30 Inference + T-test
Nov-21 Dec-5 Generalized Linear Model
Nov-28 Dec-7 ANOVA
Nov-30 Dec-18 Final Project Presentations